Kristin and Kaylee

👻 Oh Crap, She’s Made a Monstrous Mistake!

published3 months ago
11 min read

Hey Reader,

I‘m so excited to introduce my latest multi-author collab - this features 21 authors (okay, fine, 20 because two of them are me!) who are all writing HEA erotic romance stories around the same theme. We start our stories with a woman out for some Halloween fun who meets a hot guy in a monster costume. Only, what if it’s not a costume?

These women are about to get the best kinds of monster loving, from big goofy demons, to dangerous vampires and aliens with all of the useful extra parts. These books will all be on Kindle Unlimited so KU subscribers can add them to your wishlist - or they’re available for preorder right now!

Which cover do you think is the sexiest? I’m partial to Juniper’s incredible dark angel, myself.


Kristin (aka Kaylee)